How To Identify A First Edition Book

How to identify a first edition book

Apr 11,  · When a book is sold for the first time, that’s called the “first edition.” It’s the initial printing of a book (after the book proof/advance copy). Technically the phrase “First Edition” consists of the first printing plus any additional printings of the same first edition. Aug 24,  · From tofirst editions display either “First Printing” or “First American Edition” on the copyright page.

From on, first editions from Pantheon Books display “First Edition” on the copyright page. Some first editions from the late s on may have a. Over the years there have been thousands of publishers, each using various methods for distinguishing a first edition.

Books published prior to around are somewhat more easily identified, as publishers generally put the date on the title page of the first edition, although sometimes it can be found on the last page of the book. Book Collecting Identifying a First Edition March 15, John helps us identify the methods various publishers use to signify the first edition of a book.

The different types of number lines and a few noteworthy editions of certain titles are mentioned. In the case of titles published beforethe key to first-edition identification is often the date on the title page. The vast majority of first editions published before had the year of publication on the title page (this is true for fiction and nonfiction titles).

The presence of a date on the title page alone may identify books published prior to the mids as first editions. Books to Identify First Editions and Help the Book Seller In the book collecting world, there are exceptions to the exceptions, and many publishers indicated "First Edition" in their own unique way.

The following books will arm you with years of knowledge found nowhere else. If you buy, sell or collect books, these should be your first investment. When book collectors use the term first edition, they are usually referring to the first printing and if there are different states or issues, the earliest of those.

In all of the Dr. Seuss books presented, the first edition book can be identified without the dust jackets. In nearly. Nov 08,  · To publishers, a first edition is the first version of a book before changes are made (forewords added, afterwords added, typos corrected, whatever requires a new typeset).

So, if the publisher prints 5, copies of a book, they all sell, and the publisher goes back to print more of the same version of the book? Here are some books and online resources which will help you find out if your Dr. Seuss books are first editions, and what their value may be. Dr. Seuss Books: A Guide to First Editions.

Dr. Seuss Books: A Guide to First Editions is a very thorough guide to identifying these books; it’s chock full of color photos, and all the details you need.

According to the definition given by publishers, the first edition of a book is usually the very first version of a specific book. This version contains the book before any changes are made into it. For example, an afterword or a foreword is not added into a first edition book.

Likewise, the. Jan 29,  · Identifying First Edition Books A very basic description of first edition, according to xn--90agnidejdb0n.xn--p1ai, would be the “first appearance of a work in question.” When asked about identifying first editions, James Gannon, who oversees rare books for Heritage Auctions, shared that each publisher marked first editions differently.

First Scribner hardcover edition November “1 3 5 7 9 10 8 6 4 2” on CP: Scribner: November: "x"x" Doctor Sleep: View photos First Scribner hardcover edition September “1 3 5 7 9 10 8 6 4 2” on CP: Scribner: Joyland: View photos First Hard Case Crime edition: June on CP (later covers state #1 NY Times. In the case of titles published beforethe key to first-edition identification is often the date on the title page.

The vast majority of first editions published before had the year of publication on the title page (this is true for fiction and non-fiction titles). The presence of a date on the title page alone may identify books published prior to the mids as first editions. A. Sincehave stated "First Modern Library Edition" on the copyright page of the first edition (only haphazardly prior to ); occasionally left the first-edition statement on subsequent printings, but the presence of later-published titles within the book in hand will often identify it as a later edition.

In publishing terms, a first edition book is all copies that were printed from the same setting of type as when first published. The book is only described as a second edition.

How to identify a first edition book

All three of these denote a first edition. The numeral 1 will be removed for a second printing. Black House is the exception. First edition copies state "First Edition" on the copyright page and the number sequence will be "2 4 6 8 9 7 5 3". Trim size is given because Book Club editions are often smaller than trade editions. Also, Book Club editionFile Size: KB. Jul 20,  · However, these copies are actually still first editions. The publisher added the “Second Edition” statement to stimulate interest through implying the demand for the book was so high that the first edition had already sold out.

Man Ray PhotographsFirst Edition. This is why book collecting is so enthralling and so rewarding. The first edition was published in by Random House.

How to identify a first edition book

It was pages long, and the retail price was $ Fortune Smiles won the National Book Award. The first edition criteria are as follows: FIRST EDITION is stated below Random House number line 2 4 6 8 9 7 5 3 1. Boards are light blue with white lettering on a black spine. This copyright page is from a facsimile of the first edition.

While the copyright page does state May,it also states that the copyright was renewed in The back of this facsimile first edition has an ISBN. Books printed prior to usually lack an ISBN.

Oct 03,  · As a first edition, it should count down 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. The earlier the print run, the more it’s worth. The very early first editions are all hardback editions designed for libraries and initially, there were just released and therefore these can be worth a heck of a lot of money.

In the world of book collecting, a first edition is generally considered to be the first appearance of a work, in its first printing. At first this can become somewhat confusing because when a book becomes very popular and is often re-printed many times over a number of years with different publishers resulting in several "first editions.".

How to identify a first edition book

The first edition of a facsimile reprint is the reprint publisher's first edition, but not the first edition of the work itself. The Independent Online Booksellers Association has a A First Edition Primer which discusses several aspects of identifying first editions including publishing and specific publishers way of designating first editions.

The letter on the left hand side determines the edition. These 24 page books can also have and A by the Roman numeral year with all other editions not marked. The golden books of the last few years only have the first edition marked with an A or first printing on the title page. What do the numbers on the covers of golden books mean?

The older. There have been several books which focus on the usual practices of publishers in identifying first editions: First Editions: A Guide To Identification (Zempel&Verkler), A Pocket Guide to the Identification of First Editions, and Collected Books: The Guide to Identification and Values [earlier books by the Ahearns, “The Guide to Book.

First Edition Identifier. Reprinted and expanded from: The Antique Traders Book Collector's Price Guide. Iola, WI: Krause Publications, A cursory guide to First Edition Identification. It is compact because of space limitations, and dealers of any size should consider one of the two books in the reference book section. Feb 18,  · For book collectors, first edition identification is a vital skill. More often than not, conventions for distinguishing first editions vary from publishing house to publishing house.

Take a moment to learn more about the history of Grosset & Dunlap and find out how to identify their first editions. How to identify first editions.

Here you can read an introduction to these lists. The introduction explains the background and the problems encountered when trying to identify first edition Ladybird books.

If you find an earler edition, please let me know. 1) Series Animal Rhyming Tales. Jul 31,  · Adam Blakeney, Senior Specialist in Modern Literature at Peter Harrington explains how to identify first editions.

xn--90agnidejdb0n.xn--p1ai Oct 10,  · The main characteristics of a first edition first issue are a print line that reads 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 and the crediting of "Joanne Rowling", not JK. Prices on AbeBooks vary from $40, to. Feb 03,  · Here is a great guide compiled by Bev Vincent for identifying Stephen King first editions.

This is a great reference for anyone looking to purchase a first edition and who’s not quite sure what the first issue points may be. This helpful guide includes First Edition Identifiers along with publisher and DJ (dust jacket) price information. Oct 17,  · Identifying a first edition is no simple matter. There are thousands of publishers and they use a large variety of methods, which are often changed, to defin. Jul 28,  · All of these criteria must be met for the book to be a true first of Stephen King's Carrie.

Be careful if you find a copy where the upper inside front flap of the dust jacket has been snipped off (where the price would be). This could indicate that this copy is a Book Club edition, not a first edition.

The same is true if the jacket is missing. The best site on the net for info on rare Stephen King books. Tons of information on US & UK limited editions, 1st editions and more! Identifying Wizard of Oz Book First Editions. Beware the Wizard of Oz books advertised elsewhere online as first editions!

Many of these books are not actually the original printings of these books. Often this is an innocent mistake on the part of the seller, stemming from the fact that copyright dates are the only dates given on most Oz books. Dec 05,  · In fact, the majority of first editions are not that valuable at all, as all books will have a first edition, but not all of them are sought after.

If you’re interested in first edition books A Pocket Guide to the Identification of First Editions is a helpful guide to identifying first editions. Aug 12,  · Can anyone help me with identifying a whether my book is a first edition? I have a Hardy Boys book called The Mystery of Cabin Island. The printing year - Boards are red, last page has an advertisment for the Don Sturdy Series.

A number line is usually present, such as 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 or 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. If a 1 is present - in any sequence - it's usually a sign that the book is a first edition.

If a book reads something like 3 5 7 9 8 6 4, then your book is not part of the first printing (the example above indicates a third printing cycle). However, they also use a numerical system to identify the edition of the book.

Turn to the copyright and dedication pages of your book and you should find a string on numbers about half way up the page (for example). If the first number of the series is a "1", it is likely that you have a first edition.

Apr 06,  · Since publishers don’t have a standardized method for identifying first editions of their books, reference guides that describe various publishers’ means of designating first editions are invaluable to the book collector. Some publishing houses changed their methods of differentiating first editions, first printings, from later ones during.

First editions are indicated on the title page with the words "First Printed." Later editions include the month and year of the reprint. If the content of the book is changed significantly, this will be denoted with the words "Second Edition" on the title page, followed by the month and year. G.P. Putnam's Sons (US).

Much of the information you’ll need for identifying a first edition is contained on the copyright page, which can be found on the reverse side (“verso” they sometimes say) of the title page. The number series (also “number line” or “printer’s key”) found on the copyright page of many modern books is a valuable clue. Identifying First Editions with McBride's Guide Reviewed by Bill Butts The greatest fear of novice collectors is not being able to correctly identify a book's edition.

This can lead to costly mistakes or can cause you to pass up an underpriced bargain. The Children's Picturebook Price Guide includes a list of first edition identifying points for individual Caldecott Medal books, Dr.

Seuss books, and several other key books, including Madeline, The Little Engine That Could, and Millions of Cats. First Edition Identification Points for Key Children's Books. At the Collecting Childrens Picturebooks blog, we have started a category for listing. ISBN. This bar-code number lets you verify that you're getting exactly the right version or edition of a book. The digit and digit formats both work.

Scan an ISBN with your phone. Use the Amazon App to scan ISBNs and compare xn--90agnidejdb0n.xn--p1ais: Feb 24,  · The book collector’s definition is the first printing of the first edition.

If the publisher prints more copies of the identical book, those are not first editions. Generally speaking, a first printing will have the same ISBN as all subsequent printings, unless the book changes publishers, formats, or is re-issued with some hoopla.

(I can’t tell whether these people are reading a first printing or a first edition — from the State Library of Victoria.) We frequently get e-mails from people asking about first printings and first editions of books, and sometimes there seems to be some confusion about whether or not they’re the same.

The first comprehensive free online guide dedicated to identifying first edition books, as well as collectible and rare books. You will find an ever growing list of book titles and their important points of issue, as well as author, illustrator and editor bibliographies and biographies and book publisher information on this site.

The text at the rear of the books will say "fifth edition". This is generally true for other books of the edition, except for the special cover versions.

D&D 4th edition: The core rulebooks say "Dungeons & Dragons" at the top in red, followed by the book title in a smaller font on a blue horizontal banner. The rear of the book will note that. Apr 17,  · The next easiest way to tell is the line of numbers that’s also visible right above the words “First Edition.” If that line of numbers goes all the way down to a 1 that means first.

If it stops at, say, 2, such as in the copy of Lamb pictured below, it is a second printing. Dec 01,  · out of 5 stars Good start, for Identifying first editions! Reviewed in the United States on March 24, For those of you interested in First edition books, this guide book is xn--90agnidejdb0n.xn--p1ais: 2.